About Me

Hi, my name is Rúni Juul Thomsen and I’m a programmer, father, entrepreneur, boyfriend, software developer, consultant, guitar player, advisor and many many other things.

This site and blog is about Software Development and Business and its purpose is, for you to be able to find me and hire me as an advisor, consultant or freelancer so here are a few words about me:

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and my passion is creating new business and innovations. I have been working for 18 years developing software for the enterprise, which I take great pride in doing.

As founder of the IT Consultancy firm Delegate and co-founder of a Software Product firm, MailTalk, I spent the last 11 years growing Delegate from inception to the successful company it is today.

Currently I spend my time developing new businesses as well as offering my services as a Software Consultant and advisor.

Specialties: Start-ups, IT-Consultancy, Product Development, Software Development, Corporate Governance and Strategy, Board Member.